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ANGI Association
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ANGI Association

ANGI point of reference for innovation, culture and training

The National Association of Young Innovators - ANGI is the first national non-profit organisation entirely dedicated to the world of innovation, in all its forms.

It is promoted and sponsored by major Italian and European institutions including the Prime Minister's Office and the European Parliament.

The National Association of Young Innovators aims to present itself in Italy and around the world as a point of reference for innovation, developing it in all its forms, promoting the theme of culture, training, new technologies and developing synergies across the board between individuals, schools, universities, companies, trade associations and national and international institutions.

Some of the leading influencers, professionals and entrepreneurs, together with important representatives of civil society and the ruling class, have decided to come together under the common manifesto of the mission that ANGI intends to pursue.

ANGI, a point of reference for innovation, culture and education, can count on a community of supporters in Italy and around the world made up of those who love the world of innovation: from schools to universities, from institutions to companies, from foundations to non-profit organisations, all the way to the young people, professionals and researchers who represent the lifeblood of our future.

Representing young Italian innovators and leading a network of international partners including France, Germany, the United States, South America, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Malta. Initiatives promoted and supported by the European Community, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and important members of the Italian diplomatic corps.

The Association carries out numerous activities: from major events, conventions and seminars at institutions to higher education programmes with the best universities in Italy and Europe, international missions abroad and open innovation programmes with the corporate world, from interlocutions with the government for legislative innovation projects to our research and analysis centre with the first observatory dedicated to youth and innovation, from public-private synergy projects to the creation and dissemination of scientific content.


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