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Together with our consultants, we will begin the analysis of the project idea, starting from the verification of the strengths and weaknesses of media marketingyour project

We will evaluate and study with you the consistency between your product or service and the target market.

Upon the outcome of the results, also depending on the degree of performance you want to achieve, we will recommend the best communication strategy that best suits your business, defining all the aspects and elements necessary to launch your new marketing campaign.

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In this phase, the objectives are divided into broad strategic goals that incorporate specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

We will implement the strategic plan by completing the analysis, determining the objectives, directing a group, hinging on the strategy and establishing a budget as well as determining the implementation and methods for establishing control of the procedures.

What should the campaign achieve? Marketing/communications objectives can be broadly divided into three categories: “Reach” goals, “Process” goals and “Effectiveness” goals. The Reach goal of communicating is to reach the target groups in an effective and efficient way. For this purpose a good segmentation and audience definition are needed, as well as insights into the media behavior of the desired segments.

We will identify an informative positioning by focusing on the functional attributes and advantages of the product / service: the product is the best solution, or the price is more favorable, or the delivery terms are the best.

Once all the tools and resources have been established, the content for the tools is to be developed to actually carry out the messages. The ads (e.g. AdWords) must be created, the e-mail campaign must be designed, the website should be developed, etc., etc. This step is about creating a schedule, determining a budget and designating people.

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