Aviation Boating Registration in Malta

Malta, in recent years, is developing in one of the most interesting tax centres for the aviation sector in the EU, offering the possibility of tax planning for cross-border aircraft and operations related to air navigation.

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Malta also offers a solid legal framework to accommodate the aeronautics industry on its territory, and in particular:

– the adoption of the Cape Town Convention (CTC);
– the possibility of creating a dynamic aircraft and the mortgage register;
– a clear law on trusts;
– a favourable tax regime for companies;
– specific aviation tax planning opportunities;
– tax neutrality for international operators.

Tax planning for the purchase, lease and management of an aircraft can lead to significant cost savings for owners/operators in the sector. Malta Business, through authorized partners, provides complete legal and financial services, including the creation of customized and creative solutions for the management of aircraft ownership, with the maximization of the tax benefits available, while maintaining full compliance with local, European and international laws.

The Maltese Law offers a number of tax advantages to ship-owners or charterers working in the nautical sector with vessels with a tonnage of at least 1,000 tonnes registered under the Maltese flag that are owned, chartered, managed or administered by an organization Shipping.

One of the main success factors for Malta is the effective implementation of the Malta Tonnage Tax Regime with a consequent number of advantages including:

The inapplicability of the law on income tax with a consequent exemption from the payment of income tax resulting from navigation activities;
Exemption from tax on the distribution of profits deriving from shipping activities for shareholders; provided that such profits are also declared exempt from tax when they are in the hands of the shipping organization;
The inapplicability of the Social Security Act (Contribution) – in the event that persons acting as officers or employees of a licensed shipping organization are not resident in Malta;

Significant advantages can derive from a registration of your Yacht under the Maltese flag; below we illustrate the most important:

– Anyone can own a yacht under the Maltese flag; Swiss and EU citizens can keep the boat on a personal basis, while non-EU / EEA citizens / Swiss citizens need to own the yacht through a Maltese or foreign company;
– It is not necessary for the yacht owner to reside in Malta, or even in the European Union. The place of residence of the final beneficiary owner is irrelevant.
– Very low registration costs;
– Possibility to appoint a trustee to manage your Yacht;
– There are no restrictions on the sale or transfer of shares in a company that owns a Maltese-flagged yacht;
– Maltese flag boats benefit from preferential treatment in some ports;
Malta is an international maritime centre that provides the full range of services;
– Extremely effective mortgage management system;
– 4% VAT rate for yachts> 24 meters;
– EU Sailing Yachts Fee in the EU;
– VAT paid certified;
– There are no eligibility requirements;
– Fast procedure in 12 months for a yacht with VAT paid;
– Easier resale of yachts in the EU.

Our staff, thanks to the skills acquired and the collaboration with various players in the market is able to offer a wide range of services dedicated to the commercial development of the business, in particular:

– Intermediation between demand and supply of innovation;
– Internationalization;
– Entrepreneurship training;
– Personal selection
– Corporate lay-out construction and web site;
– Marketing Services – web marketing.

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