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Imagine being able to use all the features of our platform for life, including those that will be implemented in the future. All this is now possible!


Ceta Business Network is the innovative platform that will help you create, manage and grow your business community between Europe and Canada.
Are you already subscribed to many social networks, but for some reason your business struggles to grow or you can’t find what you are looking for, with thousands of relationships, chats to follow and emails to read?

Do you want to use all the tools available to improve your visibility and get in touch with an already targeted audience?

Don’t waste time and money on split testing, traffic, wishing wells. What you need is a new way to invest your time to connect with your audience, sell your services and products, provide your best training, promote your events and search for your project partners. Once you join the network, it will be much easier to grow your business.

Ceta Business Network, is the new social experience, which basically will make you interact with other users who have the same interests as you and who want to do business between Europe and Canada. Our community is built on the innovative network platform, designed to help you make business relationships easy to use, so you can make decisions based on the interactions that increase your sales.

In addition to accessing the basic functions of the platform, you can build your corporate or professional catalog and promote your products and services on our Marketplace in an unlimited way, in the network and also outside, to guarantee your visitors timely and accurate information. .
Unlike other social networks, your company’s catalog will be accessible to everyone, not just network members.
After joining the Ceta Business Network you will be able to discover all the features of the platform, with an integrated experience with other tools.

You will have access to the Events area, to promote and manage your event, both physical and online. You will be able to publish unlimitedly and sell your tickets for events. Through the Events dashboard, you can build your promo page, insert images, provide information on where and how the event will take place as well as delegate us to sell your tickets, with a simple, fast and intuitive ticketing system with low commissions and with the guarantee of having your earnings credited to your account.

You will be able to write unlimited articles and editorials for your company, your profession and with the help of our editorial staff, you will always be able to publish content without errors and well indexed. We improve the SEO for your articles.

Is looking for a partner for a project or a business always a stressful and delicate job? At Ceta Business Network, we offer you the possibility to create and publish unlimited advertisements to be broadcast on and off the network.

You will be a certified and validated member of our organization and your reputation will be clearly visible in the network with unlimited access to the entire platform and with the ability to contact all members, whatever their level of membership.

We build relationships, this is our job, and we understand very well, how important it is for your company and your profession, to use time in the best possible way, to build serious and lasting relationships over time.

For this reason, we have also made free access to the training area, where you can publish your courses and webinars or sell them on our marketplace, with some of the lowest commissions on the market.

Your data is safe with us – Because your data matters, we never sell your data and you have full control over it. You can delete them at any time!

Certified member:
As a certified member you will be able to make the most of your authority in the network and create more contacts.

Creating groups:
You will be able to create interest groups and manage forums in an unlimited.

Company catalog: You will be able to create corporate and professional catalogs for your business and promote them everywhere.

As a premium member you can contact any member of the network via chat or internal email without limitation.

Project ads:
Publish announcements to find partners and collaborators for your projects without limitations.

Blog management: Without limitations you will be able to publish your articles or editorial offices addressing a targeted audience.

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